Public skate parks are great venues for participants to gain confidence by learning new skills and working hard to improve ones' character both mentally and physically”    -Matthew Arment


Arment Concrete has a genuine approach to designing and facilitating skate park construction projects; with a paramount interest in concrete and skateboarding. As a specialty contractor, we strive on the fact that our design process is unique to the area. We make sure the design and execution is authentic to the users. We are able to survey land plots, prepare time lines and budgets by working with local recreational faculty, attend meetings with staff and public stakeholders to make sure the design and engineering process hits every goal laid out by the city. Arment Concrete is able to create technical drawings so the construction of the skate park stays on its projected time line. Our approach includes four steps: understanding the projected goals and outcomes, engaging the stakeholders and future users, synthesizing all accessible information and creating the best product for everyone involved.



Arment Concrete, LLC Established 2004

Arment Concrete is a company dedicated to community improvement and customer satisfaction, honoring other’s visions as our own. Arment’s strengths lay in problem solving and creative design. We have strong ethics on the value of the dollar and encourage efficiency without cutting corners. We pride ourselves on running safe and clean job sites.

Arment Concrete has worked with multiple townships completing thousands of square footage of concrete projects and still has a mindset on the individual; the homeowner who has a smaller budget yet has dreams to fulfill. We strive to have personal relationships with patrons and long lasting positive results.

Who We Are:

Arment Concrete is a skate park design and construction company. We specialize in custom concrete work and use our experienced team of designers, architects and facilitators to craft creative and authentic skate park designs.  We have proven ourselves in this specialty field with satisfied customers and users of our designed and constructed facilities.

Where We’re From:

We are based out of Denver, PA.  Our mission is to see opportunities fulfilled in Pennsylvania communities that allow skateboarding advocates to practice and manage skills in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. 

What We Do:

Arment Concrete uses 30 years of skate park experience to facilitate custom multi-functional skate parks that engage users off all skill levels. Our objective is to build quality concrete skate parks for customers with an original and progressive design in mind. A skate park must have features for all levels of participants and should reflect the hard work and dedication that users put into their craft.

How We Do It:

Arment Concrete builds a relationship with local community members that lets us gather important information between users wants and needs while weighing our client’s goals and constraints. We want both our client and the projected users to be happy; we do this by finding common ground.


We at Arment Concrete believe we can deliver the best possible public multi-functional skate park. We are ready to create original unique designs that will encourage riders of all different skill levels to have fun, push themselves and hone their craft. We will produce professional drawings that utilize modern construction methods while administrating and maintaining a time line and budget. We look forward to hearing back from you and thank you in advance for your attention and this opportunity!

Best Regards,

Matthew Arment